How I am making over Rs 50,000 per month from my IIT hostel writing 2-4 short articles per day

31 Aug

How I am making over Rs 50,000 per month from my IIT college hostel, writing 2-4 short articles per day

Okay, since you have visited this page, I am sure you are interested in making money online. And I assure you that you have come to the right place. Because there are many scammers out there on the internet who will try to scam you by telling you that you can earn money in different ways. Don’t just believe them. After several mistakes, I have finally found an online job that really pays but that doesn’t mean I was lucky in my first shot. Making money online is not an overnight thing, but of course it is much easier than making money offline.

So, without taking more of your time by telling you my story, I will just come to the point. I am making money by writing articles. And you will not believe how much I am earning by writing 2-4 short articles per day! Yes, that’s right. Only 2-4 short articles per day and I am earning more than an engineer in software companies like Wipro or Infosys!

I am earning this much because I am an Indian. And they are paying me in US Dollars! And 1 US Dollar is like Rs.46 and that’s the reason why we can make a lot of money. Because they are paying as high as $25 for one single short article of around 300 words! This money may not be big for them but for us, it’s big and that’s the advantage of being an Indian.

Now, how to start writing articles and make money.

First you need to create an account for a private article writing network. Let me remind you that this will cost you $68 (Rs 3200 approx) $34 (Rs 1600 approx – Special Discount if you sign up in October month) to sign up as one time fee but that’s totally worth it because you can earn big and free networks won’t get you high paying article writing jobs.

  1. So here is the link for registration: Click Here
  2. Once registered, wait for your account to get approved. They manually approve the accounts but they usually do it very fast. So, don’t worry.
  3. Once your account is approved, you will start to see article writing offers. You need to take these offers and deliver the articles in time.

You can get all the details of how the system works from the customer support team. They are very good in support and I am sure you will like them. I am not their support, so don’t ask me anything, ask them directly. LOL. Anyway, I hope this article will help some of you earn a good amount of money online.

All the Best to your Online Money Making Journey!

Well the article writing job is the easiest online money making job based on my own research. And if you know how to write in English, you are perfectly qualified for the job.

UPDATE (October 2011): They are offering a discount of 50% if you sign up in the October month! Hurry, this discount may not be available next month. To get the discount, enter SAVE50 before you click signup in their signup page.